Holiday Choral Risers – How to Select the Right Vendor for Your Church Christmas Service

Temporary Choir Risers installed in your church sanctuary

At Texas Choral Riser Rental, we provide choir and audience risers for all sorts of events. You’ll find us building risers for national choir and orchestral competitions, large performing arts venues, and City-sponsored Fourth of July events.

However, some of our favorite events are when Houses of Worship call us to provide temporary choral risers inside their church sanctuary or youth center for Christmas or Easter presentations. Trusting a vendor to come into your sanctuary, even if it’s just to supply church choir risers, is a highly personal decision – and we’re always honored when a client selects us to provide these services.

Our experience allows us the confidence to work within your House of Worship and provide choral risers for your special Holiday events to your congregation and attendees. You’ll find our installation technicians and carpenters to be professionals who respect your church and the people who worship there.

Selecting the correct vendor to provide church Choral Riser rentals

First of all, the right vendor will be the one who you are most comfortable with. First impressions are everything! You’ll be most likely to do business with someone who takes the time during the first phone call to listen to your needs, respond to your questions, and talk about your concerns.

Avoid vendors who use cheap risers, risers with folding legs, or trifold risers. Additionally, check to make sure the company has insurance, and they are willing to issue a COI naming your church or facility as ‘additionally insured’. Make sure to ask about Certified Builder Contractor status in your municipality. A reputable company can provide engineered documents, and will be registered as a Certified Building Contractor in the nearest major city.

Finally, choose a company that has experience working in Houses of Worship! Churches can provide challenges to even the most experienced staging rental and choir riser rental companies. Ask for pictures of past events; and in turn, be ready to provide scale drawings of your sanctuary, with an overlay of what you are planning. Don’t be afraid to ask for a site survey – most professional companies will be happy to schedule a site visit to mitigate any ‘surprises’ during load in.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! Please contact us to find out how we can be the vendor that provides choir risers for your church this year. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!

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