Choral Risers & Choir Risers

Choral Risers and Choir Risers are used to best showcase your performance or ceremony. Staged in front of the audience, with multiple levels, all performers or people being recognized will be visible to the audience during the entire duration of the event. Having a safe and well laid out Choral Riser or Choir Riser will greatly enhance the overall outcome of your performance or ceremony.

How are Choral Risers and Choir Risers built?

Choral Risers and Choir Risers are staged in front of the audience with multiple levels, allowing for all participants to be seen during the duration of the event. These risers are generally built over an existing stage or in addition to a stage thrust, allowing for bands, orchestral players, or other parties to be seen by the audience as well. The levels are wide enough for participants to either be seated in chairs or stand.

Choral Risers and Choir Risers are at home in any venue, may it be your house of worship, performance hall, ballroom, school, mall, or outdoor venues such as football or soccer fields. Our risers are built in all sizes and heights for any location, indoor or outdoor. We construct the ideal risers for your event to guarantee the perfect vantage point for your audience.

Our Choral and Choir Risers are built using Bil-Jax 4’x4′ steel staging panels. Each stage piece is made up of three quarter inch plywood top with steel legs measured to the exact height desired. They are then leveled and locked together and cross braces are added to ensure stability to the risers.

Why you should use Choral Risers or Choir Risers at your next event?

Choral and Choir Risers provide your audience with the best visual experience possible while providing a safe and stable area for your performers to sit or stand. Our risers are built under ADA guidelines. These guidelines include back rails, side rails, and steps between rows to ensure safety for those who will be utilizing them. We consider safety as our top priority and we want you to feel confident that your event is meeting all safety requirements.

Our principals have been involved in production rentals for over 25 years and our team consists of well dressed, professional, and experienced staff. We are always on time and ready to work to make your event special. We would love for you to let us show you why our customers continue to use our services for their special events.

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