Elevate Your Event Coverage with Press Risers

Texas Choral Riser Rental provides stable and secure press risers, designed for utmost safety and customized viewing experiences for media professionals at any event.

Press Riser Rentals for Live Events

Texas Choral Riser Rental is proud to present our press riser solutions for media and live event professionals. We understand that capturing high-quality and unobstructed images or videos at events is crucial for media coverage. Our press risers are meticulously designed with elevated platforms that allow photographers and videographers to operate their equipment above the crowd and access the perfect line of sight.

We offer different styles of press risers to accommodate various event types and media requirements, including Still Press Risers for photographers, Videographer Press Risers for video coverage, and Cut Away Press Risers for alternate angles. Our press risers are also versatile enough to be set up whether indoors, outdoors, or in any existing venue, with customizations to height, depth, and size according to the event’s specific needs.

By choosing Texas Choral Riser Rental, clients are assured of receiving premium quality products paired with our dedication to safety and exceptional service. Our professionally trained staff will work tirelessly to ensure your event’s success by providing only the best and most reliable press risers.

What Events are Press Risers Used For?

Press risers are essential for any event that requires media coverage, as they provide ideal vantage points for capturing exceptional shots. Our press risers have been successfully used for diverse events, including:

  • Red Carpet Events
  • Groundbreaking Ceremonies
  • Sporting Events
  • Store Openings
  • Political Rallies

Aside from offering superior press riser solutions, we also specialize in providing additional services that further enhance your event’s media coverage. These services include press boxes for audio signal distribution, power distribution systems, high-quality audio systems, and color-corrected lighting systems to ensure your event’s optimal presentation.

Event Safety with Texas Choral Riser Rental

At Texas Choral Riser Rental, we prioritize both safety and customization. Our press risers comply with ADA guidelines and feature handrails, steps, and side rails to reduce potential accidents. Furthermore, we provide a rock-solid structure built with steel legs and 4×4 Bil-Jax staging, reinforced with crossbars to offer exceptional stability for the media professionals at work.

When it comes to power distribution, our team adheres to strict safety standards, and we offer generator rental services for outdoor events. We can provide press boxes with audio signal splitting capabilities as well as staging, lighting, and video rental as well. We are committed to ensuring the secure functionality of all equipment and systems involved in your event.

Trust Texas Choral Riser Rental to provide the safest and most reliable press riser rental services for your next event. Contact us now, and let our friendly and professional staff assist you in planning a seamlessly executed and well-covered event from start to finish. Don’t leave your event’s success to chance; choose the experts who prioritize your safety and satisfaction.