Press Risers

Tall media riser

This custom riser provides the camera crew with a covered platform safe from the elements and high above any obstructions to the shot.

Press Risers are your invitation for the press to attend your event. Experts will tell you that to have your information on the nightly news, you have to accommodate the press.  Press risers are used to get still and video cameras above the heads of the crowd, giving press photographers and videographers a clear line of sight to your talent, candidate, or presenter.


How are Press Risers built?

Press riser at political event

Make sure that the media has plenty of room to set up all of those cameras .

Press Risers are essential to any event that you want to promote. Press Risers provide photographers and videographers a designated space to view your event. These risers are elevated above the heads of the crowd to allow an unobstructed shot or video. They can be built indoors, outdoors, in an existing venue, and over existing seating. There are three different Press Risers to consider when planning an event. Still Press Risers are set up for photographers, videographer Press Risers are set up for videographers, and Cut Away Press Risers are for any press that wants a side shot of your presenter.

Press Risers can be used at any event that you would like to have promoted. Political events are a very hot topic that press will want to attend. Having Press Risers set up for them gives the press an unobstructed view of the event at the angle they want. If you are opening a new store and want to spread the word fast, invite the press and make sure risers are set to accommodate them. If you are promoting a new artist at a concert, Press Risers can be set up beside the stage to ensure that the press can get top quality photos and videos out to others who might enjoy your artist.

Press Risers not only need to be safe but they must also be extremely stable to ensure that there is no wiggle with the cameras. Our Press Risers are made with steel legs and 4×4 Bil-Jax staging. These pieces are given extra support by adding cross bars to the steel legs. Press Risers can be customized to fit any height, depth, and size that would best accommodate the press.


Why should you use Press Risers at your next event?

Press Risers

Ever wonder how the news gets such an amazing unobstructed shot of that person speaking at the press conference? It’s as simple as a well placed press riser.

Press Risers are a safe and inviting way for you to make sure the press is at your event. All of our Press Risers are built under ADA guidelines which include back and side rails for safe standing during the event and hand rails and steps for safe entrance to the Press Risers. Our A/V department can also provide you with press boxes and distributed power. With safety as our top priority, we want you to feel confident that your event will meet all safety requirements.

For over 25 years our owners have involved these safety principals into our rentals, giving us repeat customers who are satisfied with their risers.  Our staff is well dressed, professional, and on time. We would love to help you set up that open invitation for the press to attend your event.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!