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Texas Choral Riser Rental is owned by our parent company In Depth Events. In Depth Events is a full events management and production company. The owners have been implementing the principles of safety and professionalism in staging and production for over 25 years. All of our risers are built using ADA guidelines to ensure that your event meets all safety requirements. Engineer stamped documents are used for compliance with municipalities and fire code.

What types or risers do we provide and how are they built

Texas Choral Riser Rental provides many different types of riser rentals to meet your needs. Choral and Choir Risers, Audience Risers, Grandstand Seating, Press Risers, Photo Risers, Parade Risers, and Custom Risers are all available through our company. All of these risers can be custom made to fit the height, size, shape, and look you desire.

All of Texas Choral Riser Rental risers can be built indoors or outdoors. Some of the indoor venues we have done in the past include ballrooms, churches, malls, schools, and convention centers. Previous outdoor venues would include sports fields, concerts, store openings, and parades. Risers can be built with stability on uneven surfaces. In addition, our company builds risers on sensitive surfaces such as sports fields.

Texas Choral Riser Rental uses Bil-Jax staging along with steel legs that are supported by cross braces. Each stage or riser can be customized to a specific height, tread depth, size, and shape. Our staging pieces can be painted, carpeted, or covered with vinyl and acrylic. Additional pieces such as custom furniture and built in bars are available as well. Our A/V department can also add extra details such as video screens, lighting, and audio.

Why should you use us for your next event?

Texas Choral Riser Rental provides all of your riser needs and adds specialized details to make your event outstanding. In Depth Events allows for staging, lighting, and other rentals to enhance your event as well. On top of having stunning risers and staging, Texas Choral Riser Rental considers safety our top priority. All risers are built under ADA guidelines and our professional staff build each piece with safety in mind.

With a professional, timely, and passionate staff Texas Choral Riser Rental is the best choice for your next event. Let us help you customize the perfect riser for your audience or participants while ensuring the safety of all attending. Our owners have been implementing these principles into their rentals for over 25 years. Let us show you why our customers keep coming back to us to make their events unforgettable.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!