Photo Risers

Photo Risers are a photographer’s secret weapon. Photo Risers give you the ability to use different tier heights which makes all faces visible in your photo. They also allow the ability to change tread depth ensuring that everyone is visible with the angle and distance of the shot. There are so many little details that a photographer must consider to get that perfect photo and Photo Risers are key for larger groups.

How are Photo Risers built?

Photo risers are an essential part of ensuring that everyone is in frame and safe while doing so. Photo Risers allow you to get that perfect shot in any location whether it is indoor or outdoor. With adjustable tier heights you can ensure that, even with a group of very tall people, all faces will be visible in the shot. Adjusting the tread depth allows for people in your group to shift their bodies to an angle that fits the frame and distance of the shot safely.

Photo Risers Outside the Federal Reserve

Photo Risers Outside the Federal Reserve

Photo Risers can be used for many different types of photos. Some of the most common uses are sports teams, company photos, and other large group photos. Our Photo Risers can be used in any location allowing for the perfect shot. Sports team photos can be taken on a field, in a gym, or on the track. Company photos can be taken out front of the building or in the lobby. We can set up stable risers on any terrain providing a safe and unique experience for your group photos.

Photo Risers can hold very large numbers of people and must be stable. Photo Risers are built with 4×4 Bil-Jax staging and steel legs that are supported by cross braces. The height, tread depth, and size can all be customized to perfectly suit your photo.

Why should you use Photo Risers at your next event?

This riser with extra tall treads allows the front of the uniforms and the players number to be seen clearly in the photograph.

Photo Risers greatly assist photographers with getting the perfect shot of your group. Built under ADA guidelines, these risers are safe for people of all ages and can have ADA ramps to ensure that nobody is left out of the photo. All Photo Risers have hand, back, and side rails installed to ensure the safety of everyone utilizing them. Photo Risers are meant to support a live load, meaning that people will be moving on them. With safety being our top priority, we want you to feel confident that all safety requirements will be met and your groups will be safe while utilizing our risers.

Our owners have been involving the principals of safety, punctuality, and professionalism in staging rentals for over 25 years. We have many clients who have been using our photo risers year after year. We would love to show you why we should be your go-to company when you need risers.

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