Top-Quality Photo Risers Rental

Crafting the perfect shot with larger groups entails unique challenges. We make it easy with our Photo Risers - a photographer’s secret weapon, enhancing visibility and safety.

Types of Shoots that Photo Risers Are Used For

Our Photo Risers have been utilized in various settings for different purposes, always meant to provide impeccable service. They cater to the diverse needs of a broad clientele, desiring to capture the perfect group shot.

One common use lies in sports, where entire teams need to be captured in a single frame. It could be on the field, in a gym, or by the track; our Photo Risers seamlessly adapt to all conditions. Further, they prove instrumental in corporate settings too. A picture in front of the office building or in the lobby; the adjustable tier heights and tread depth ensure that everyone is seen, thereby crafting the perfect company photo.

For larger groups, our Photo risers are even more essential. Built to accommodate large numbers safely, our photo riser rentals will provide a sturdy, safe system for the client’s group. With adjustable heights, tread depth, and sizes, our risers can suit any photo and ensure everyone is included.

Maintaining a Safe Event Environment

Safety is a top priority for us. Our Photo Risers are constructed with 4×4 Bil-Jax staging and steel legs reinforced by cross braces, ensuring the utmost stability and security. All our photo risers are built under ADA guidelines and are safe for people of all ages. We can include ADA ramps to facilitate accessibility so that no one is left out of the photo.

  • Built with 4×4 Bil-Jax staging and steel legs
  • Supported by cross braces for extra stability
  • ADA compliant
  • Include ramps for ease of access
  • Handrails, back and side rails installed for safety

We ensure all safety requirements are met so that users can confidently use our risers. In addition to our strict adherence to safety, our photo risers can be built inside or outside, on sensitive turf or carpet, or anywhere else you might need them for the perfect shot.

Photo Risers by Professionals

Our team of professionals has been delivering safe, punctual, and professional staging rental solutions for over 25 years. We have countless, satisfied repeat customers, a testament to our impeccable service and undeviating dedication to quality and safety.

Confidence in the stability of the seating arrangements and flexibility to achieve the desired framing makes us the go-to company for photo risers. Our seasoned professionals are unfailingly meticulous in their approach, ensuring each event is successful, safe, and the resultant photography is satisfying.

Ready to capture the ideal group photo? Get in touch with us today and discover why we should be your top choice for high-quality photo risers. Make your events memorable with us, and let’s create picturesque moments together. Contact us