VIP Flooring and Tenting Solutions for Live Events

Offer the ultimate VIP experience at your next concert, corporate event, or festival. Check out the luxury, exclusivity, and safety that comes with our custom event and tent flooring solutions.

Renting Special Event Spaces for VIPs

Redefine the VIP experience with our luxurious seating options. We specialize in creating comfortable and visually-striking VIP areas, such as Grandstand Seating, Observation Platforms, and Skyboxes. Built to guarantee premiere sight lines and enhanced interaction, our seating solutions ensure your guests enjoy an intimate atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. In addition, we can incorporate large format tents, shade covers, and other forms of weather protection in outdoor events spaces. Whether your VIP area is above the crowd for a bird’s-eye view or off to one side for a close-up experience, our professional team invests in every detail from design to finish, ensuring guest safety and satisfaction.
You’ll find our VIP seating experiences at:

  • Conventions
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Festival Lounges

Each of our VIP tent and flooring solutions is conceived with your unique event in mind. Our experts consider the event type, crowd size, and locale to design a visually pleasing and secure environment promoting networking and interaction. Our ground-level or raised seating options accommodate various crowds, offering diverse viewing perspectives to suit all guest preferences, comfort, and safety.

Immersive Temporary Event Spaces

The strategic sightlines of our VIP spaces provide guests with an immersive event experience. Our viewing platforms offer unobstructed sightlines to the main event area, enhancing your guests’ experience and appreciation for your event. These carefully designed spaces offer an ideal platform for branding, allowing sponsors and prominent patrons an elevated view of your event.

We use tents of every size and shape, platforms on uneven and challenging landscapes, and other forms of technology such as video, lighting, and audio to blend comfort, safety, and marketing potential seamlessly. Each platform is crafted under stringent ADA guidelines, with safety and ease of access as key priorities. The branding potential these areas offer engages your audience directly, creating a lasting memory associated with your brand and event.

The luxury and elegance of our VIP tent and flooring solutions extend beyond mere visual appeal. Each seating area or observation platform is constructed with high quality materials to ensure stability, durability and comfort. Your audience’s safety is our priority, and ramps, transitions to high or lower spaces, crowd management, and tread lighting are all discussed and approved with our clients long before the first trucks roll in. Rest assured, our professional team will create a unique and safe VIP experience for your audience.

Large Format, Custom VIP and Event Seating Rental

Our team at Texas Choral Riser Rental is passionate about creating an unforgettable landscape for your event. With years of industry knowledge and experience, we craft exceptional VIP seating and event spaces that cater to large gatherings with diverse requirements. We proudly specialize in accommodating large event layouts.

Our VIP flooring and tent solutions are clear testimonies to our devotion to exceptional event production. With an emphasis on safety, our experienced team of professionals construct ADA-compliant structures with detailed precision and keen aesthetic sensibilities. We continuously deliver high-quality work within budget and time constraints.

Reach out to us and let’s start planning your next big event together. Take the first step towards providing your guests with a truly exceptional VIP experience. Visit our contact page and realize your event vision with Texas Choral Riser Rental.