Elevate Your Events with Audience Seating Risers

Engage audiences and provide a new level of comfort with our diverse range of customizable and ADA-compliant audience seating risers.

Uses for Audience Seating Risers

Audience seating risers (also called stadium seating risers, or classroom risers) are an essential component of any impactful event. They transform ordinary spaces into dynamic theater-like settings, keeping your audience engaged and maintaining clear sightlines so your message resonates powerfully. These multi-tiered arrangements are designed to accommodate your specific needs, whether you require compact theater seating, prefer a more leisurely set up with spacious executive-style seating, or looking for audience seating at sporting events. Our clients range from pharmaceutical companies looking for a new standard of comfort for their attendees, to sporting events requiring tiered seating risers, to robotics conventions using our audience seating risers in exhibit halls.

Our audience seating risers can be seamlessly incorporated into indoor or outdoor events, and are custom-built to adapt to your individual requirements. Versatility is our forte and we cater for a variety of seating configurations. Each level is completely customizable – from tread depth per row, to height of each tread, and the width of each tread. These customizations to your audience seating risers allow ample room for your guests to safely sit, stand, and move about, ensuring their comfort and safety even in a crowded setting.

The customization does not end there – our risers can be configured to hold your preferred furniture pieces, chairs, and carpeting. From more conventional event chairs and tables to any unique pieces that enhance your event, our risers can accommodate it all. Classroom seating risers involve custom tables and chairs to make sure your message is received to all your attendees. These seating solutions provide the perfect balance of comfort and visibility, making your guests feel special and ensuring they engage fully in the event.

Maintaining a Safe Event Environment

The safety and comfort of your guests is our topmost priority. Our audience risers follow specific safety guidelines to ensure all attendees are secure while enjoying the event. All our products are designed and built to comply with ADA and fire marshal guidelines, ensuring they meet all safety requirements and providing peace of mind for the event organizers.

Key safety features incorporated into our risers include:

  • Sturdy base using 4×4 Bil-Jax staging panels
  • Steel legs and added crossbars for enhanced stability
  • Back, side, and handrails for safe navigation
  • Steps between rows for easy movement
  • Optional tread lighting for improved visibility in low light or night-time events

We are committed to not only offering you the best seating solution but also ensuring the well-being of everyone attending the event. That is why our approach to installing our rental audience seating is meticulous, putting safety requirements first without compromising on aesthetics.

Audience Seating by Professionals at Your Next Event

At Texas Choral Riser Rental, our audience seating designs are built by seasoned event professionals who have honed their skills crafting seating solutions for various venues and events. We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive services, starting with CAD drawings of the event layout to the perfect choice of carpeting and skirting.

We go the extra mile, ensuring your event has all it needs and more. This includes integrating optional features like VIP event seating, powered phone chargers, and even viewing screens on the risers to ensure close-range access to the performances or presentations. Our team’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to safety will ensure your event is a breathtaking spectacle remembered by all attendees.

Ready to transform your event into an immersive experience with our professional audience seating risers? Contact us today for a customized quote on our Contact Us page. Let’s work together to make your event unforgettable.