Audience Risers

Audience Risers are a great way to give your guests a personal and extremely memorable experience. These risers are very different from the average bleacher seating that most large events have. They can be personalized in many ways to make each guest feel like you designed it just for them. Audience Risers are built following specific safety guidelines to ensure that your guests are comfortable and safe while attending your event.

How are Audience Risers Built?

Audience Risers

Audience Risers

Audience Risers give everyone in your audience a safe, comfortable, and unobstructed view of the event. These risers can be configured in flat seating, curved seating, or individual chevron seating. Each levels depth (foot tread) can be adjusted allowing plenty of room for your guests to safely sit, stand, and walk on. Custom width and depth configurations allow for custom furniture pieces to be set on them. The extra staging area allows for your guests to mingle freely without concerns of falling or feeling confined to a small seat.

Audience Risers can be used at many types of events. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, we can customize one to perfectly suit your event. Some examples of places that we have used these risers in the past include: conventions, parades, and VIP sections for sporting events and concerts. Our risers are built to any size, height, width, and layout you desire.

We start off by building a sturdy base using 4×4 Bil-Jax staging panels. Under that are steel legs, supported by added cross bars. Once the structure is complete, finishing touches such as carpet and skirting are added. Finally, our A/V department can add things such as phone chargers and viewing screens on the floor of the risers for a personal close up view of the performance or presentation.

Why you should use Audience Risers at your next event?

Audience Risers provide your guests with an experience unlike anything they could have expected. All of our audience risers are built under ADA and fire marshal guidelines, along with engineer specifications.  Back, side, and hand rails are added along with steps between rows to ensure your guests safety. We can even add tread lighting if your event will be in an area that might make the steps hard to see. Holding an event leaves you responsible for the well-being of everyone attending and with safety being our top priority, you can feel confident that your event will meet all safety requirements.

We have been assisting people with safe and unforgettable events for over 25 years. Our staff arrives up on time and are well dressed. They are professional, experienced, and passionate about making people’s event amazing. We would love for you to allow us the chance to show you why so many people have trusted their special events with us.

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