The minimum price is $2,700. Price can be affected by delivery cost and difficulty in load in.

Yes, if your event requires more than one type of riser we can provide both.

First look at who you are needing the risers for. Second decide what size, shape, color, height and tread depth you want for your event.

Our blog post “4 Steps to Choose the Size for your Choir or Choral Risers” is a great starting point before you contact our experts.

Yes, all of our risers are built under ADA guidelines with engineer stamped documents to ensure all municipal and fire codes are met.

Each type of riser is built to accommodate a specific group or event.

Yes, our risers can safely be built on uneven surfaces and can be built on sensitive surfaces without damaging them.

No, if the room fire code is 50 people, the number of people on the risers cannot exceed that. Risers are meant to give better views and spaced out seating or standing, not to increase number of people a room can hold.

Yes, our parent company (In Depth Events) is a full staging management and production company that has an A/V department to set up lighting and audio for your event

In Depth Events has been in business since March of 2017 but, our owners have been working together since 2008. They have been in the industry for 25+ years.

Yes, our custom risers can be built safely over existing seating.