Parade Risers

VIP Parade seating risers

These riser give the VIP’s a perfect view of the passing parade and a place to sit down.

Parade Risers have two very useful possibilities for someone who is organizing a parade. First, they provide special seating that can be used to honor your city officials and sponsors attending. Second, adding parade risers allows you to charge for special seating that provides a great view to your attendees, providing additional income to your event.


How are Parade Risers built?

Parade Risers

Parade Risers being constructed along a sidewalk with a custom back wall.

Parade risers are definitely the best seats available at a parade.  Parade risers do not require people to lug around lawn chair or blankets to sit comfortably. Your guests do not have to arrive hours early to ensure that they have a seat right next to the curb in order to see all of the wonderful floats and bands. Parade risers also ensure that the most important attendees (city officials, VIPs, or sponsors) are seated in a comfortable, prime location to enjoy every step and note.

Parade Risers are a wonderful addition to any parade because they provide special seating with unobstructed views. Parade Risers are built outdoors along the route of the parade and can incorporate the announcer’s sky box. As we have mentioned, parade risers can be ticketed seating or VIP seating.

Parade Risers are built using 4×4 Bil-Jax staging panels and steel legs that are supported by cross braces. This provides a stable and comfortable area for your guests. They can also be covered to provide your guests with a comfortable and shaded area to watch your parade. Our Parade Risers tread depth can be adjusted to allow standing attendees, or for chairs to be placed on them, adding extra comfort for your spectators.


Why should you use Parade Risers at your next event?

Photo Risers Outside the Federal Reserve

Risers can be setup in almost limitless configurations to meet the specific needs of the insulation.

Our parade risers are built under ADA guidelines to ensure the safety of your spectators. All risers have back, side, and hand rails for safe entering, exiting, and seating throughout the parade. Parade risers can have an ADA ramp for disabled attendees. With safety being our top priority, we want you to feel confident that your risers will meet all safety requirements for your municipality.

Our staff consists of experienced and passionate people who are excited to help set up safe and comfortable seating for your event.  We show up on time to ensure that there is no delay in setup, and our staff is professional and well dressed. We would love to show you what safe and comfortable Parade Risers can do for your event.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!