How to Select a Vendor for Seating Riser Rentals

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Are you trying to rent audience risers or seating risers for your next corporate event, house of worship, or sporting event? When selecting a vendor for rental of audience risers or seating risers, there are several important factors to look for! 1: Select a real staging company! Lots of event rental companies own staging. This does not make them suitable to build multilevel risers! Make sure you use a company that has experience building risers – not just stages. Ask your salesperson if they have ever built risers before, and ask for pictures. A staging company with this type of experience will have no problem supplying images for your review. 2: Find a firm that provides what you need. While this may sound obvious, it’s really not. “Audience seating” is one of those terms that means different things to different people. A company that rents bleachers will not be able to provide choral risers. Verify that the vendor has the service you are looking for, and ask for pictures. 3: Ask for a CAD drawing. A company that has invested the time and energy to train their salespeople on CAD design is the type of company you want to use. More importantly, having a computer drawing eliminates on-site questions. “I thought you wanted it to look like this” does not help you on the day of show. 4: Safety First! Ask your salesperson if they have ADA ramps available. Ask about safety rail. Ask about step units. Ask about fire codes in the municipality you will be working in. If any of the answers are “huh?”, then hang up and go to the next vendor. 5: Check references. A real staging company will have affiliations as building contractors with their municipality. Ask to see this certification, and ask for references. If they cannot provide these, run! 6: Payment arrangements. A reputable firm will ask for a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance due on show site. Additionally, a reputable firm will have no problem with the remaining balance due after the client (you) signs off on the completed build. If a company asks for full payment up front, they will most likely not be motivated to provide the service you need. At Texas Choral Riser Rental, we provide audience risers and seating risers all over the United States. Give us a call at 844-841-4202 and let us quote your event!