Grandstand Seating

This concert lounge allows attendees to relax and rest during an all day festival. TV’s displaying live video feed from the stage and sponsor rolls keeps them connected to the action.

If you are really looking to leave your guests in awe, Grandstand Seating is the way to go. Grandstand Seating is specifically designed for VIPs, sponsors, and contest winners. They can relax in a unique space designed specifically for them, giving them an experience they won’t forget.

This sponsored backstage “Best Seat in the House” Viewing platform allows contest winners a unique view of the stage during the show.

Grandstand Seating is known by different names based on location and type of riser. Some of the names they are known by include:

  • VIP Seating
  • Sponsor Seating
  • Observation Platforms
  • Skyboxes
  • Hospitality Suites
  • “Best Seat in the House” Promotions

How is Grandstand seating built?

Grandstand Seating can be built in a few different ways. This is the VIP area of your event. It can be built above the crowd, allowing for your VIP guests to have a bird’s eye view. Grandstands can be built to the side of a stage for a close up experience others at the event do not have. It could be a raised stage with open space for people to stand and watch the event more comfortably. We have built open space concepts in an area that is away from the event with comfortable seating and viewing screens to allow them to watch without having to deal with the hassle of a crowd.

Grandstand Seating is useful for many types of events. These areas are generally either a paid upgrade or sponsored tickets. Grandstands could be a space closer to your VIP’s favorite band, or an upper deck for special guests or sponsors. Grandstands can even be an open seating area away from the event for those VIPs who want to enjoy the event but relax while doing so. All of these concepts could be used at conventions, concerts, or sporting events. Our Grandstand Seating can be a specifically designed by height, depth, size, and layout for your indoor or outdoor event.

We build our Grandstand seating with a base consisting of 4×4 Bil-Jax staging panels that can be covered with wood and painted to the color you desire. These are held up by steel legs which are given extra support by cross braces. After we have constructed the layout you desire, finishing decorative touches are added such as skirting or special signage. To give your Grandstand Seating that extra flair, our A/V team can add lighting matching the event, speakers, and viewing screens for your VIP guests to enjoy.

Why you should use Grandstand Seating at your next event?

Grandstand Seating is by far the greatest way to give your guests that VIP experience. Our Grandstand Seating areas are all built under ADA guidelines. Steps with or without tread lighting can be added to ensure guests can enter your seating area safely.  We also install back, side, and hand rails to insure guest are safe while in your seating area. We consider safety to be our top priority and we want you to feel confident that your event is meeting all safety requirements.

Our clients are continually thrilled with the safety and stability of our structures.  You’ll find that our professionals work on time, in budget, and are extremely sensitive to your specific needs. We would love to make your event our next priority.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!