Custom Risers

Custom designed and built curved risers.

Custom Risers are built to allow many different designs for your event. Custom Risers allow for risers to be placed on any surface indoor or outdoor. Risers can be built on uneven and sensitive surfaces or over existing seating safely. Custom Risers also allow you to create a riser that safely holds people of all ages, along with ADA guests, by building the risers under ADA guidelines. Custom Risers can be painted, carpeted, made a special size and shape and include customer furniture. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen.

How are Custom Risers built?

Custom in-the-round risers designed for one of our clients.

Custom Risers can be built for choral/choir risers, audience risers, grandstand seating, parade risers, photo risers, and press risers. Custom risers are customized to your specific event needs and wants. They can be painted and carpeted or can include vinyl and acrylic surfaces. Custom Risers can be curved, chevron, in-the-round, and contain multiple levels or landings. LED dance floors can be integrated into your stage or risers as well. Let us help you create the perfect risers that will best showcase your event.

A few examples of where Custom Risers can be used in include trade shows, product launches, exhibitions, and sporting events. Our Custom Risers can be built on uneven or sensitive surfaces such as fields or even gravel. All Custom Risers can be used indoor or outdoor.

Custom Risers are built using Bil-Jax staging and steel legs secured with cross braces. The staging pieces can be customized to create a curve or specific angle desired. Steel legs are adjustable allowing for the risers to be specific heights. All custom risers can be any size desired and will safely hold your guests or performers.

Why should you use Custom Risers at your next event?

Our CAD drawings help you visualize the custom concepts.

Custom Risers allow you to create the unique environment you desire for your next event. They can be built to any size, height, or shape you desire. After designing your Custom Risers you can then have them built on any surface including sensitive turf, uneven surfaces, or over existing seating.  Our Custom Risers are built following ADA guidelines meaning, back and hand rails, steps, ADA ramps, and step lighting are added to ensure that all safety requirements are met at your event. Our Custom Risers can also have engineer stamped documents for compliance with municipalities and fire code.

Our company is one of the only companies in the United States that can safely create special risers for your event. We have our own metal and wood shop in house to create Custom Risers for you. Our owners have included the principles of safety, professionalism, creativity, and customer satisfaction in their rentals for over 25 years. We would love to help you design and build your dream risers for your event.

For more information about our services or to get a quote please visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!