A Personal Experience With Event Set-Up

After being scheduled an evening set up in one of the Gaylord ballrooms, I prepared myself for an evening of hard work and excitement. The set up that we were doing included custom risers and staging for a large private event. I was a bit nervous being a newbie to the stagehand world but was… [Read More]

Holiday Choral Risers – How to Select the Right Vendor for Your Church Christmas Service

Temporary Choir Risers installed in your church sanctuary At Texas Choral Riser Rental, we provide choir and audience risers for all sorts of events. You’ll find us building risers for national choir and orchestral competitions, large performing arts venues, and City-sponsored Fourth of July events. However, some of our favorite events are when Houses of… [Read More]

The Ins and Outs of Grandstand Seating Rentals

Grandstand seating is used for a variety of different types of events, both indoors and outdoors.  If you are an event organizer, and looking for grandstand seating rentals, then you’ve found the right blog post!  Hopefully, this article can give you some insight into the logistics of renting grandstand seating, as well as some pointers… [Read More]

Choosing the Right Photo Riser Style (and Vendor) for Your Next Group Shot!

For a professional photographer, large group shots can be the most difficult types of photo shoots.  Planning is key – in an indoor environment, are the subjects under fluorescent lighting?  (Bad!)  In an outdoor environment, is the sun in their eyes?  (Squint!)  Is the sun behind them?  (Overexposure!)  Or, did you schedule the shoot weeks… [Read More]

How to Select a Vendor for Seating Riser Rentals

Are you trying to rent audience risers or seating risers for your next corporate event, house of worship, or sporting event?  When selecting a vendor for rental of audience risers or seating risers, there are several important factors to look for! 1: Select a real staging company! Lots of event rental companies own staging.  This… [Read More]

4 Steps to Choose the Size for your Choir or Choral Risers

At Texas Choral Riser Rental, we know that it can be tricky to calculate the size of a choir or orchestra riser for your event.  Whether you are in a church, a hotel ballroom, or outdoors – it’s important to make sure you have enough room for your needs, without wasting money by building something… [Read More]

Our new website at Texas Choral Riser Rental!

Thanks for visiting our website! Welcome to our new home on the web for our choir risers, audience risers, and grandstand seating services.  Our new home will showcase our past work, and hopefully provide event planners and organizers some great ideas on how and when to use these types of seating risers. On our website,… [Read More]